Friday, March 7, 2014

Baby #3

Happy to announce we are having Baby #3
We are all Super excited about it. Due Oct 2014

Still no surgery or abnormalities :) God Blessed us with another baby. Cant wait to find out if it is a boy or girl.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Physical Therapy Appt today

So today Luis had a physical thereapy appt. again,it was early in the morning at 7:30 AM so i couldn't go with him because of the girls. He did ask me to go because he wanted me there but no can do :(. While he was there he send me a txt and said "it hurts so good" lol silly guy...  He came back home to tell me all about it. He said he had an elecrtic shock therapy which hurt him a bit but felt good. He mentioned that the doctor asked him to try some excercises at home to help ease his pain on his back. Im just so glad hes looking into doctor appts not only to check the cancer but to his physical self. One thing i can remember since i meet him 9 years ago is his back hurting him, not being able to sleep for long period of time because of this issue. With this said im sure he is also ready to feel better and im so proud of him for taking charge of the situation. He has another appt in a week or two i believe. Lets see how that goes!

Helpful Article by David Haas ~~Thanks David~~

Fitness and Cancer- Help Yourself

Due to increased environmental risks, more people are developing various types of cancer. Though some people are diagnosed with less severe types of cancer, such as skin cancer, many people are diagnosed with more severe types of cancer, such as mesothelioma. However, there is hope for all types of cancer patients. Along with conventional treatment like radiation and surgery, there are things that cancer patients can do to help themselves: Fitness.

While fitness is by no means a cure for cancer, it can help patients. Here are just a few ways that fitness can help cancer patients.

Improved energy

Whether you are in the beginning stages of cancer or are going through extensive treatment, having cancer can really deplete your energy. Exercise can help restore the energy you lose from having cancer or going through treatment.

Having that extra energy can really improve your lifestyle. Even small tasks can become tedious while going through cancer. That is why it is vital to keep active, no matter how hard it may be.

Improves quality of life

Cancer is never fun for anybody. It can make even the most optimistic people become pessimistic. However, fitness helps patients retain some quality in their life. Running and other cardio exercises help release hormones called endorphins. These hormones help people remain positive.

Other unrelated studies show that positive people are typically healthier and recover from illnesses faster than people who are not positive. Therefore, exercise helps you to stay positive, which also helps you to stay healthy.

Helps patients keep a normal lifestyle

Staying fit helps cancer patients remember to retain a normal lifestyle. It is easy to let a condition like cancer to completely alter your entire lifestyle. However, by exercising, cancer patients will feel more comfortable living a normal life, like a life before they were diagnosed.

This is beneficial for a couple reasons. First, this helps patients put their friends and family at ease, thus preventing any future stress. Though a cancer patient's friends and family should never downplay their loved one's condition, it does help them to act normal around their loved one. Second, this helps cancer patients focus on normal things, thus helping them to stay positive or calm. The more a cancer patient thinks about his condition, the more negative or anxious he may become.


Consult with your doctor before attempting any exercise. Depending on your condition, there may be some exercises that you should not perform.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Together we Will win!!

Got home last night and to my surprise my book was home already!! :) 2 books were puchased and one of them was donated by the Nunez Fam to the Prescott Valley public library! in honor of my hubby Luis Nunez. Just a little way to help share awareness about Testicular Cancer!
You too can obtain this book if you like to! Karen McWhirt the author herself personalizes and signs the book before mailing it to you and to the library of your choice :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What is Testicular Cancer?

Testicular cancer is a disease in which cancer develops in one or both of the testicles. It occurs when germ cells experience abnormal growth. Germ cells, like stem cells, have the potential to form any cell in the body. Normally these cells lie dormant until sperm fertilizes an egg. If germ cells become cancerous, they multiply, forming a mass of cells called tumors that begin to invade normal tissue. When this happens these cells have the potential to form a variety of embryonic like features including but not limited to; hair, nails, teeth etc.
Testicular cancer can metastasize, meaning that it can spread to other parts of the body. During this time cells leave the original tumor from the testicle and migrate to other parts of the body through blood and lymph vessels forming new tumors. Testicular cancer spreads most often to the abdomen, liver, lungs, bones, and brain. Testicular cancer can spread rapidly and is deadly if left untreated.

Testicular cancer has a very fast onset.  If not detected early, the cancerous tumors can grow rapidly with the ability to double in size in just 10 to 30 days.

Testicular cancer is on the rise and can affect any male from infancy to elderly. An estimated 8,900 new cases will be diagnosed in 2009 alone. 1 out of 270 young men will be diagnosed. The highest rate of diagnoses are males between the ages of 15 to 40. Due to the lack of early detection, more than 380 deaths will occur in 2009. That's 380 too many.

Monday, November 7, 2011

FOI* For our Info

Other symptoms and signs of testicular cancer include:
  • pain or swelling in the testicles,
  • lumps or nodules in the testicles, whether painful or not,
  • enlargement of the testicles or change in the way a testicle feels,
  • pain in the lower abdomen, back, or groin areas, and
  • swelling of the scrotum or collection of fluid within the scrotum.

FOI * For our Info*

Stages of Testicular Cancer
Once cancer of the testicle has been found, more tests will be done to find out if the cancer has spread from the testicle to other parts of the body (staging). A doctor needs to know the stage of the disease to plan treatment. The following stages are used for cancer of the testicle:
Stage I
Cancer is found only in the testicle.
Stage II
Cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in the abdomen (lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped structures that are found throughout the body; they produce and store infection-fighting cells).
Stage III
Cancer has spread beyond the lymph nodes in the abdomen. There may be cancer in parts of the body far away from the testicles, such as the lungs and liver.
Recurrent disease means that the cancer has come back (recurred) after it has been treated. It may come back in the same place or in another part of the body. A patient should regularly examine the opposite testicle for possible recurrence for many years after treatment. Patients will probably have check-ups once per month during the first year after surgery, every other month during the next year, and less frequently after that.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Urologist appt today

Luis had his first appt with an urologist here in Prescott today in the morning. This time I was not able to go with him because well... we don't have a sitter for bubu :).. He called me after his appt and told me that the doctor told him his cyst was a bit bigger now but smaller than others he has seen. Doc said that he could not explain why luis was having so much pain in his groin area since the size of the cyst might not be the issue. Doc mentioned that if he wanted to remove the cyst he could but Luis would have to get a vasectomy done as well. That is OK with us since we are really happy and blessed with our 2 beautiful princess already. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Imaging appt today

So today Luis had his appt for an ultrasound  and surprisingly he asked me to come with him :) why
surprisingly? Because he had told me before that he wanted to deal w doc appts on his own. Anyway so we just left the imaging office right now and well.... Just a waiting process until his doc visit w the results. We were told the cyst looked the same size as it was 2 years ago but we have to wait until the doctor takes a look at the images first before we jump to any conclusions.

First post

I made this blog to describe the journey, moments, thoughts and feelings of me as a wife of a man diagnosed so far with DORMANT testicular cancer 2 years ago in 2009. Let me start by saying he is a wonderful man! Nice, handsome, hard working, good husband but most of all the greatest daddy ever!! I cant imagine having anyone else as the father of our children! I am very blessed that god allowed us both to form a family. We have 2 beautiful girls. Valerie Eloise 7 years old and Vivienne Esabella 4 years old. For those who know him know what I'm talking about! he is the life of the party! funny, hilarious, makes something out of nothing to make you smile. We have our disagreements of course as a couple but Hey! who doesn't? He is a smart geek that over thinks stuff a little too much! Luis is a helicopter mechanic and inspector, and i tell him all the time: "You can tear down and build a heli back up together but cant put on a light bulb"  lol.